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Hettinger County Job Development Authority:

Job Development Authorities were authorized by the North Dakota Legislature, and North Dakota Century Code defines the Authorities’ duties, “..to encourage and assist in the development of employment and promotion of tourism within the county”.

The JDA employs an Executive Director and is governed by an eleven person Board of Directors.

Current Directors are:
  • Gary Greff, Regent, Chairman
  • Butch Frank, New England, Vice-Chair
  • Don Rose, New England, Treasurer
  • Ben Olien, Mott
  • Harold Maerschbecker, New England
  • Ron Friedt, Mott
  • Judy Kirschmann, Regent
  • Troy Mosbrucker, Mott
  • Art Krebs, New England
  • Don Schaible, Mott
  • Rob Larson, Mott

Our Executive Director and Board of Directors are always willing to offer their services to anyone interested in business or tourism development in Hettinger County.

Hettinger County JDA offers an Interest Buy-down program on business start-up and development loans of up to $5000.00.

Our office will also research business and community development resources for businesses, organizations, and individuals within Hettinger County or interested in locating here.

JDA is now offering a store-front improvement matching grant of up to $1000.00 for any existing Hettinger County business upgrading or remodeling. Advertising and signage does not qualify, but items such as painting, new doors or entry improvements are included. Please contact our office for more information and applications.

Email JDA:    

Aryn Dangerud -  Executive Director
Email JDA: 

Phone: 701-824-4205,
please leave a message.
(cell) 701-567-3708

336 Pacific Ave
PO Box 157
Mott, ND 58646

The office is located on the lower level of the Hettinger County Courthouse.
















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