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Terry Kirschmann - Treasurer

Terry was appointed by the board of commissioners to fulfill the remaining term of Loren Rixen, who retired April 30, 2013. She is a current member of the North Dakota Association of Counties and the North Dakota Association of Treasurers.

The office of the County Treasurer was created by the state constitution. Treasurers take office in May, are elected to four year terms on a non-partisan ballot during November elections, and the salary is set by the state statute and based on the population of the county. The full duties are listed in the North Dakota Century Code. They include receiving all incoming monies, balancing accounts, collection of fees and fines, monthly disbursement to county entities, investment of funds to receive the best return, and provision of information to lending agencies. The Treasurer is also the collector of all taxes.

Pictured above: Michelle Finck & Terry Kirschmann


Terry Kirschmann - Treasurer
Michelle Finck - Deputy Treasurer
Ph: 701-824-2655
Fax: 701-824-2717




















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