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Emergency Manager

"It is the mission of Hettinger County Emergency Management to ensure efficient and professional emergency management service for the citizens of Hettinger County."

Emergency Operations Plan

The role of the Emergency Manager includes the coordination of services to provide adequate response to any disaster or potential disaster in Hettinger County. To do this, the Emergency Manager is required to coordinate activities necessary to mitigate, plan for, respond to, and recover from any emergency or disaster that may occur in the County. This is accomplished through an "all hazards" approach. Appraisal of the Hettinger County Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) is accomplished by a series of exercises. The exercise cycle starts with a Tabletop Exercise which leads into a Functional Exercise and is culminated with a Full-Scale Exercise.

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FEMA:  Are you prepared
Emergency Management encourages you to prepare now to care for yourself and your loved ones during a crisis.  Find out what residents of Hettinger County can do to prepare.